By: Catherine Barrett and Teghyn Gurney

Competition season is in full swing and here at the RTC we’re getting ready for the National Qualifier in Quebec City next week. Traveling with synchro is always fun, but to ensure that everyone has a great time, we have 6 tips on how to be a great roommate on a synchro trip.

1. Keep Your Space Tidy

In order to make sure that you and your roommates have everything you need for the competition, it’s crucial that you all have your things neat and tidy. Without organization, you’ll all end up running around 5 minutes before (or after) you’re supposed to be leaving. This will also help A LOT when you have to pack up again to leave. So, when you get to the hotel, make a pact with your roommates to keep your space tidy.

2.Agree on a Time for Lights Out

Sharing a bed can be tough, especially when you and your roommate go to sleep at different times. Deciding a mutual time (compromise!) to turn out the lights is important so that you both can get a good night’s sleep. You don’t have to sleep when it’s lights out, just be respectful and stay quiet and leave all lights off.

3. Be Back in Time for Lights Out

It’s ok to go to other swimmers rooms to see your friends, but make sure that you’re back in your room in time for lights out. Also, this doesn’t mean coming in the door right at lights out, leave yourself enough time to get ready!

4. Share Your Space

Everyone hates waiting to use the bathroom so make sure that you’re courteous and don’t take too long. Also, when you’re showering, keep it brief to save hot water and alternate who’s going first.

5. Wake Up Times

If you have to get up before your roommate, make sure that you’re quiet, and if you can, try to keep the lights off. Try to get your swim bag ready the night before; if you’re gelling, go to a room where others are gelling, or the chaperone’s room. Finally, don’t keep hitting snooze because your alarm won’t just wake you up!

6. Give Your Roommate Space

Don’t feel offended if your roommate wants to visit other swimmer’s rooms, you can take that time to visit your other friends too or just relax. You and your roommate don’t have to do everything together and it’s good to have some quiet time in your room too so that you can both relax or do homework.

We’re all so excited for the National Qualifier and we hope that you can use these tips to make your next synchro trip amazing!!