By: Scarlett Finn & Emma Spott

Although our first synchro season training with RTC has come to a close, we have gotten to experience so many amazing new things. Earlier this year we got to compete in Paris, France for one of the Fina World Series competitions. Now, we are apart of the 2018 Junior National Team and will compete at the 2018 Junior Worlds later this summer in Budapest, Hungary.

So far we have completed our first training camp block of three, in Quebec City. Being on the national team alongside 4 other RTC athletes, and coach Jennifer Koptie made the transition into a new training environment more comfortable. As well, the two team routines that we are competing at Junior Worlds are the routines we have been training all year. This has also made the transition comfortable as we have had the chance to grow to love them throughout the entire season. Moreover, we love all the changes that have been made so far, and we enjoy how involved we are in the choreography process. Trying new things such as highlights, have gone so well. Even though at first it was a little challenging since lots of our teammates come from different provinces that all have different highlight styles, we were able to compromise and come up with a solution together.  

During our first training camp, a challenge we faced was living somewhere that English wasn’t the first language. Another challenge was living away from home for a month. This was our first experience billeting away from home, but with growth mindset that stems from the RTC culture, we were able to take this developed skill and apply it to the unique situation. For example, we had to be able to adapt to other people’s lifestyles, and have an open mindset to lots of changes.  

In addition, a challenge we have had to overcome during our first training camp in Quebec City was completing all of the school work we had missed. We had to communicate with our schools about our situation and they were very supportive. For the future athletes who are in a position similar to ours, just know that communication is very important and time management is critical. Luckily, over the past year especially, we had already faced similar situations when trying to balance both school and synchro. This made it easier for our transition onto the National Team since we knew what to expect when juggling the two.  

Our first camp went very well, and we are so happy with how our team has come together over the past couple weeks.  We are looking forward to training at our home pool in Toronto now, before having our last training camp in Cegled, Hungary. We are excited to see where these next two training camps take us, and we can’t wait to have a #Worldclass swim at Junior Worlds!