By: Leah Sterling and Audrey Melkoumov

Although our synchro season is coming to a close, the Regional Training Centre athletes are looking forward to one last competition in Long Island, New York. We are thrilled to have the honour of showcasing the Regional Training Centre’s “Burlesque” Combo routine at the Synchro America Open at the end of June!

The Combo crew has been working very hard all year and have had a lot of fun getting to know each other and create many memories together. We are happy to have the opportunity of adding a few different RTC athletes to this very fun, upbeat combo, and are excited to have Emma, a former member of the RTC, join us in competing at the Synchro America Open.

Swimming at the Synchro America Open will definitely challenge us to have a “World Class” performance. We will be competing against U.S teams, as well as other teams from other countries from around the world that we haven’t competed against before! Seeing some of the international routines first-hand will be a great experience. We are excited to meet new people and hopefully make some new friends with girls from clubs around the world. And, since we’ll be in New York, we’re all also looking forward to doing some sightseeing during our downtime!

We have been perfecting this routine all season and we plan on leaving everything we have in the pool to end with a fantastic swim.  Look out U.S.A, The North is coming!