By: Alana Hargreaves, Saskatoon native

Moving to Toronto to swim with Regional Training Centre – Ontario has been one of the most challenging, but rewarding things I have done. Leaving home at a young age is hard for anyone, and it was no exception for me. Being away from my family is one of the hardest things that I have had to deal with. Separation from friends and leaving your school is also tough. But, starting fresh is a great thing that comes with many benefits. Swimming at the RTC is amazing, and the girls here have become my best friends.

One thing I suggest if you are living away from home, is going home whenever you are able to. It is essential! You can make sure you stay connected with friends through social media or FaceTime, which can help you feel like you’re missing out on less. Remember that there are many people to talk to if you get homesick, like your friends, family or even a councillor. Making the leap to move to a new place and a new club is a big change, but is worth it in the end if you’re up for a new challenge!

By: Barbara Mount, Ottawa native

Living in Toronto has been a very adventurous and growing experience for me. Moving here has opened my eyes to so many new experiences, that I am almost overwhelmed. I thought that moving here would be the same just without my brother or my parents, and just a lot more swimming, but it ended up showing me new ways of living and new experiences that are just amazing. Toronto is a beautiful city that I am falling in love with. For anyone that is moving either to Toronto or any busy city from a small town, make sure to take in the experience and have fun with changes. Don’t dwell on what you miss, have fun with the new because it’s exciting and you need to make sure to enjoy everything that you can.