By: Natalie MacMillan

As 2016 is just beginning, it is time to think of resolutions to stick to throughout the coming months. As our competition season is just beginning, it is really important that all the members of a team are the best teammates they can possibly be. That’s why, we – as a team – have come up with a list of New Year’s Resolutions that can make anyone the best teammate.

  1. Be at the pool.

When I say be at the pool, I don’t just mean bring your body to the pool and swim (although that is also helpful). Being present at the pool and in practice is more about your mindset than anything. Being at the pool while your mind is somewhere else is just as bad as being at home during practice. Always strive for full attention at the pool and making sure you are there. In your mind AND your body!

  1. Support your teammates as friends and as teammates.

To me, being teammates is almost identical to being friends. I believe that your teammates are inevitably your friends, so when they your need support, because they’re having a really hard practice, or because they just broke up with their boyfriend, you need to be as supportive and helpful as possible. This will strengthen a friendship as well as strengthening trust between teammates. It will make the team stronger, both inside and outside the pool.

  1. Infect others with your positive attitude.

The best way to remind someone that they need to improve their attitude – on any given day, or on every given day – is to infect them with your own positive attitude. This is not about telling them they’re in a bad mood…trust me, they already know. In fact, mood has very little to do with it. Having a positive attitude at the pool is about being supportive, pushing yourself and encouraging others to do so, and having a generally positive attitude when looking at the tasks that are presented to you. So try for a positive attitude, and infect others around you as quickly as the whole team can catch the stomach flu!

  1. Gently push (or shove) yourself and your teammates.

Sometimes, we all need someone to remind us to be present, point our feet for god’s sake, or to GET OFF THE WALL. As we all know, coaches are a great help in this, but what if this year, in 2016, as teammates, we were able to gently push (or shove) each other off the wall, or to “shh” for a minute. Or even better, each one of us to push ourselves every practice, so that no one has to tell anyone to pay attention, or to come back from break on time. Push yourselves and others to try their best, to fix their correction, and make meaningful fixes in all parts of their practice.


Being a good teammate is a full time job at the pool, but it is just as important as coming to practice every day, and having a super awesome thrust. Your teammates depend on you, and you depend on them. So let’s be the best teammates we can be in 2016! While these resolutions are just a start, Regional Training Centre Ontario, wishes you a happy new year and a great rest of the season!