By: Catherine Barrett

This past week the RTC – Ontario competed at the French Open in Paris, France, which was a fantastic experience all round! The week started off with a quick red-eye flight to Paris, landing on Wednesday morning. Even though it was still very early in Toronto-time, off we went to the pool to have our first music practice. This practice was incredibly beneficial, as it helped us all get our internal clocks onto Paris-time, and we got to see the amazing pool we would be competing in! The facility that we trained in was wonderful, we all loved the bromine pool, which was very easy on the eyes 😉 After our jam-packed practice we headed into the city centre for a lovely team dinner, and to experience the Eiffel Tower in all it’s beautiful glory. 

Day two consisted of another productive practice and then a little more sightseeing of the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame before heading back to our hotel for a delicious dinner.

Friday consisted of all of our tech events, Saturday was combo and free team, and Sunday was free solo and duet, and highlight team. It was absolutely incredible to have the opportunity to compete against some of the best countries in the world!

Performance-wise we all embraced the challenge of international competition, and made use of our growth mindsets! We are all so lucky to have had the resources and support to have been able to attend this amazing event. The skills that we learn at international competitions are transferable not only to future national and international meets, but also help us learn how to be efficient and organized world travellers! I am certain that this was a trip that we will all remember forever.

We are so grateful for the amazing volunteers at this event who made sure we had excellent food, efficient travel, well organized events, and much more. Another thank you goes out to our Synchro Ontario and Synchro Canada families and to everyone who attended the event or watched on the live stream, your support means the world to us! It was an honour to have RTC-ON represent Ontario and Canada. We can’t wait to see everyone at the National Qualifier in Calgary next week!