By: Eva Blainey & Laura Bellantone

First Impressions

When we first arrived at the RTC, we were very excited to be training at such a wonderful facility. The Toronto Pan Am Sport Centre has four pools that are extremely well kept. There are never restrictions to our training space, or environment (except for the occasional frost bite). We have adapted to the RTC environment fairly quickly. Getting to know all the coaches and athletes was especially easy, because everyone was so welcoming we quickly felt like members of their tight knit community.

High Performance Training

At the Regional Training Centre, there is a high demand for dedication. We work hard making the most of our time, and enjoy watching the progress we have made. Looking back at our September selves, I think the accomplishments we have seen so far are a great start to a fantastic year! As a result of training so many hours a week, we have had to develop time management skills that most kids don’t experience, which is a great life skill. The more time we spend at the pool, the more we enjoy the time spent.

Learning New Skills

Coming up from 13-15, swimming Junior level is a whole different story. Learning the new figures at the initial practices this year was quite challenging. The new figures have components that we have never really done before. Lucky for us at RTC, we have amazing coaches who helped us learn these new important skills, along our teammates who give us tips when we are struggling. When the going gets tough, we know they are many friendly faces around to support us.

It’s been such a pleasure training with such an amazing group of girls over these past few months, we are looking forward to working hard and making many more memories over the upcoming year!