By: Catherine Barrett

Viva Las Vegas!!! Here at the Regional Training Centre – Ontario, we are gearing up to go to our training camp in Las Vegas over the March Break! We’re so excited to be leaving on Saturday, so I thought I would tell you about why we love training camp!

1. It’s a getaway from everyday life: Toronto in March isn’t exactly the warmest place ever, so going away to somewhere where the sun is shining helps a lot of us beat the winter blues. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated in the winter months when training is getting tough, and it’s completely normal, so changing up the scenery can really help a lot of people.

2. It’s a great opportunity for team bonding: Before competing, it’s crucial that there is a sense of team unity. At the RTC-ON we have members coming from many different places, from Guelph, to Newmarket, to Scarborough which makes it a little hard to arrange any team activities outside of training. Going to training camp is a great way to have everyone in the same place so that after a long day swimming, we can all relax together.

3. It’s a great training opportunity: During training camp we are able to make use of pool time for longer periods of time than in a usual week since school isn’t in the picture over March break. With this extra time we are really able to come together as a team and progress quicker in the final days before the National Qualifier.

We are all so excited to be heading into national competition season and can’t wait for training camp as well! Best of luck to everyone competing at the National Qualifier in a few weeks!